Private Jet Charter Services

On-demand charter flights anywhere in the continental U.S. For business or pleasure, with your colleagues, friends, or family, Thunderbird Airways is the premier charter service for jet travel. Time is the one asset we’ll never get back and so much of it is lost on undifferentiated activities. Traveling shouldn’t be spent wasting precious moments you’ll never get back. Thunderbird ensures our customers maximize every minute on the things that matter the most.

Aircraft Management Services

Thunderbird Airways has a full-service aircraft management program enabling aircraft owners to have the peace of mind that their plane is cared for and maintains its airworthiness. Full-service aircraft management for corporate and personal aircraft. Includes aircraft oversight, maintenance services, FAA compliance, crew training, and more! We have management sites in Houston and Dallas, as well as remote management services. Owners can also leverage our Revenue Program to lower the operating cost of aircraft ownership. Thunderbird has flexible options for aircraft owners looking to add to our charter fleet.


Thunderbird Airways is an on-demand private jet charter service and aircraft management company.


Thunderbird’s vision is to create an atmosphere of inspiration and comfort that makes the journey part of the destination.


Our mission is to traverse the skies in a manner that earns trust, provides comfort, and delivers safely.